Android apps to avoid excessive phone usage


Android apps to avoid excessive phone usage
Android apps to avoid excessive phone usage

Nowadays mobile users have increased also, there is no limit in their usage. S Google releases the digital wellbeing experimented apps to have an eye on mobile usage for all.

Google has released three more Android apps to assist you to curb excessive phone use. Under its digital wellbeing initiative, the corporate has been releasing various apps to manage your usage. After the addition of Focus mode that allows you to pause apps that you simply find distracting, Google is now adding 3 new apps – Envelope, Activity Bubbles and Screen Stopwatch.


It asks users to place their phone in an envelope so that they can’t use it. The app asks you to print out a special PDF and fold it into the form of an envelope. Then, you’ve got to seal your phone inside and use it through the paper, only having access to the dialer and therefore the camera. The app is currently only available to the Pixel 3a users here.

Activity Bubbles

Coming to the second app, Activity Bubbles creates a bubble within the wallpaper whenever you unlock your phone. The bubble gets bigger the longer you’re on your phone. Once you lock your phone again, that bubble stops growing, and therefore the process starts once again. By the top of the day, it creates an abstract bubble pattern as your wallpaper. you’ll download it here.

Screen Stopwatch

It is what it says it’s. It creates a live wallpaper that displays phone usage in real-time, supplying you with a particular count of what proportion time you spend on your phone every day. The counter stops once you lock your phone, but whenever it’s unlocked you get a continuing, ticking reminder from your home screen that’s meant to encourage you to place it down. you’ll download the app here Envelope, Activity Bubbles, Screen Stopwatch.

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