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Google is trying to improve its technology day by day. Recently, Google is developing technology that accurately identifies a dangerous disease like cancer, is now preparing to bring in another technology. The company said it will provide you with accurate information about the weather before 6 am. For this, all the research that has been done so far has proved to be very promising.

Accurate warnings are received with the help of AI:

Recently Google shared new research in a blog post this week. According to this research, Google’s artificial intelligence has proven more accurate in predicting the weather with the help of machine learning. After a few minutes of calculation, the researchers were told how rain would be at 6 am. This later became more accurate and correct.

Experts who are exploring this technology say they will soon bring this research into Google’s weather forecasting department. However, the company has not yet added it to existing Google services. But soon it will be able to bring the related service around the world. The service will be launched by Google on a business level. Weather-related data can be of great benefit to sectors such as agriculture.

Why the delay in the current weather forecast?

Google officials claim that under current circumstances, data obtained from Cellite is being processed with the help of supercomputers. All processes are delayed until appropriate information is received. So Google says it can eliminate these complex processes and provide accurate information based on data found on the existing radar. Experts say that all the predictions made so far have proved completely accurate.

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