Latest Whatsapp Update includes Call Waiting features

WhatsApp constantly keeps updating its software to incorporate a bevy of features to supply smooth messaging and call experience to its users. a number of the features are still under development while a couple of are unrolled as stable updates for both Android and iOS users.

We bring back you a number of the newest updates that were unrolled during during this week:

Disappearing messages feature:

Once available, the ‘Delete Message’ feature will accompany a toggle on/off button and users can choose a specific interval for the messages to automatically disappear. There are five options for time intervals to settle on from – 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year. Accordingly, the messages sent thereto chat will disappear. as an example, if the user opts for 1 hour interval, the messages sent post-selection are going to be deleted after an hour.

However, it’s important to understand that there’s no official announcement on when this feature will roll out. Similarly, there’s also no word on Dark Mode release date either, and this feature has been under development for an extended time now.

Low Data Mode:

This is a fresh update for iOS users. Earlier, the low data usage feature was only available during WhatsApp calling, but now it’s integrated the feature on the app itself. This feature will reduce the quantity of the moment messaging app’s network data usage.

How will low data mode work on WhatsApp:

Low Data Mode also will stop to auto-download voice messages. this is often a fresh feature which will help users to access the app for messaging purposes even in weak internet areas.

Call waiting:

WhatsApp earlier this month had unrolled a crucial and useful telephone support for both its users.

The new feature entails the choice where users will now be ready to receive another WhatsApp call while they’re already on one call. The feature are often downloaded by updating the app on App Store for iPhone users and Google Play Store for Android customers.

Earlier, the receivers didn’t get a telephone notification if they were already on another call and instead, it might notify the user of a ‘Missed call’ once they disconnected the present call. On the opposite hand, the caller need to know that the receiver is busy because the app flashed the message ‘on another call’ when the caller would try calling.

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