Never keep these Apps on your Mobile

Never keep these Apps on your Mobile

Many times it happens that there are many such apps on our phone which we consider necessary and allow them to stay the phone, but today we’ll tell you about 17 such dangerous apps during which a really dangerous virus has come. You delete it immediately.

You will remember that the news of faux apps on Google Play always comes out. Now 17 such apps are detected. consistent with the knowledge, quite 5 lakh people have downloaded these 17 apps. Researchers at software and security company BitDefender have found 17 such apps on Google Play stores that are described as very dangerous for users’ phones.

These are the apps that make your phone battery discharge faster. Also, the danger of getting malware on your phone has increased greatly. which may prove very dangerous for you? If any of those 17 apps are present on the phone, then delete it immediately. Otherwise, it can prove very dangerous for you. let’s examine the entire list of these 17 dangerous apps: –

  • Car Racing 2019
  • 4K Wallpaper Background Full HD
  • Transfer Data Smart
  • Explorer File Manager
  • Today Weather Radar
  • Big Fish Frenzy
  • Clock LED
  • Backgrounds 4K HD
  • QR Code Reader and Barcode Scanner Pro
  • File Manager Pro- Manager SD Card / Explorer
  • VMOWO City: Speed ​​Racing 3D
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Screen Stream Mirroring
  • QR Code – Scan and Read a Barcode
  • Period Tracker – Cycle Ovulation Women
  • QR and Barcode Scan Reader
  • HD Wallpapers 4K Backgrounds HD


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